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Tank Aussie Tac
Tank Aussie Tac

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Purpose of Machine
  • Providing change under time delay.
  • Reducing cash register holdings to a minimum.
  • Controlled access to cash and vault door by electronic time-delay.
  • Prevention of Armed Robbery, Internal theft, Inefficient Cash Management.

Features & Benefits
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia.
  • Time delay vending for preventing and discouraging armed robbery.
  • Time delay on the door for preventing and discouraging armed robbery.
  • Posting slot, to assist in clearing the cash register and making cash drops.
  • Tubes are loaded into columns, therefore easy to count and no need for a “Dip Stick”.
  • Robotic dispensing mechanism, hence no more jamming of tubes and less servicing costs.
  • Easy to use keypad.
  • Power supply outside the unit, no more drilling if power supply fails. Quicker to service.
  • Easy to load, hence less tube jams.
  • Low service and maintenance requirements, ultimate for ongoing cost savings.
  • Serial Port for future remote access and servicing.
  • Increased treasury capacity.
  • The Aussie TAC is suited to any business that needs to hold a considerable amount of change.
  • The coins, notes, vouchers or similar items can be loaded into tubes and then placed into columns in the machine. These tubes can then only be vended under time-delay.
  • Excess funds from cash  register can be posted into the safe and cannot be accessed unless waiting for the time delay period to expire.

We deliver this Tank safe Australia wide.

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