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Frequently Asked Questions about Safes

Tank Safes Australia receives a number of frequently asked questions from clients interested in our safes; questions regarding safe installation, safe repair, safe relocation, and our various types of safes available (whether it's a gun safe, home safe, floor safe, second hand safe, etc.).
We've taken a few of the most frequently asked questions about our safes and posted them below:
How big a safe do I need?
Evaluate the contents you wish to store in your safe then buy a safe that has a recommended rating above that. All Quality Safe suppliers will be able to provide you with the safes recommend cash rating.
Can a safe protect from fire?
Some do and some don't you will also need to look at the duration a safe will protect your belongings from fire.
How long does a battery last?
200-300 openings.
If I change the battery will I loose my code?
No the code is stored inside the lock and will not be deleted due to power loss.
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