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The TANK Concept
The Tank Safe is 100% Australian designed. It is an anti hold-up & cash management facility designed to protect your cash & staff from the trauma of armed hold-up & to deter the criminals from entering your premises. View our Featured Items.

Tank Safes Australia

As part of   Tank Security (QLD) Pty Limited  we welcome you to our website, here you will find gun safes, home safes, floor safes, safe installation, safe repair, safe relocation, and more. 
This family business was established in Queensland in 1993 and specialises in Cash Management Safes and providing a high quality service that includes Safe Repairs, Safe Installations, Safes Relocations and a complete Parts service. Tank Safes Australia has kept its primary focus on providing exceptional service Australia wide.
Our valued safes Australia clients
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Our dedicated team will provide you with superior quality safe products and accessories, excellent customer service and will ensure all aspects of your commercial or domestic needs are covered.
Our range of products at Tank Safes Australia include:
  • Gun Safes Australia
  • Home Safes Australia
  • Floor Safes Australia
  • Cash Management Safes Australia
  • Anti Hold-up & Deposit Safes Australia
  • Drug Safes Australia
  • High Security Commercial Safes Australia
  • Two Key Safes Australia
  • Custom Safes Australia
  • Security Cabinets Australia

    National Safe Repair 

    Tank Safes Australia has been offering safe repair services in Australia for over 20 years, if there is an issue with your safe or if it needs to be serviced we can handle it for you.
    Almost all safes in Australia can be repaired and serviced by our technicians, who will offer the best quality workmanship and the most courteous customer service possible.

    National Safe Installation

    To ensure your safe can properly protect the contents within it, professional safe installation is critical.  Our experienced safe installation professionals will ensure your safe is installed securely and professionally, to make sure it's not going anywhere.
    Tank Safes Australia's installation service compliment our other safes services; perfectly, whether you are getting safe repairs done, safe relocation, or purchasing a new safe, you will need to ensure your safe is properly installed afterwards. Whether it's a floor safe, gun safe, home safe, safe installation, safe repair or second hand safes, Tank Safes Australia prides itself on being able to offer clients this complete solution, regardless of the services you are interested in.

    Safe Parts & Delivery

    Tank Safes Australia carries and offers a variety of safe parts and safe accessories, visit our Safe Parts page to view what we have available or Contact Tank Safes Australia if you have any questions about the safe parts we have available for your safe or other security device.

    Visit Our Showroom

    We have a full showroom of safes on display, and we're glad to show you the various safes available to find the one that best suits your security needs.
    Please take a look through our Online Store to view some of the safes Tank Safes Australia has available.

    If you're looking for safes in Australia, or if you're looking for Australian made safes, contact Tank Safes Australia and we will provide you with the same top quality safe products and services that we provide to all of our clients. You can also visit our About Tank Safes page to learn more.